Frequently Asked Questions

​Transcripts for the podcast are available for Patreon supporters at Tier #6.

Alisa recommends these resources for teens: 

  • The Apologetics Study Bible for Students
  • Impact360 
  • Summit Ministries 
  • MAVEN ministries 
  • Foundation Worldview Curriculum 

​Alisa does have a Book Club that exists for likeminded believers to read and discuss great books. Visit: to request membership. 
Please note: 
-You must answer the membership questions to be added. 
-If we are in the middle of a book study, new members will not be added until the next book is announced, so please be patient!

You can support Alisa via will Patreon and also it is available a donate button at

Alisa recommends the Southern Evangelical Seminary for an apologetics degree. 

Alisa’s new book, The Deconstruction of Christianity, will come out on January 30, 2024. 

Alisa does have a small group curriculum coming out on July 19th.
You can have more info at the following link:

If you hear an ad at any point during an Alisa Childers Podcast, unless Alisa is personally talking to you about that product, she isn’t endorsing that product.  An example would be a “Credit card, Motor Oil, or Detergent ad”.

If you don’t hear her voice endorsing the product…… then she doesn’t.  

These ads are put in by YouTube and other hosting platforms.  We have no control over that content.  Thanks for your understanding.  

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